Dirty Sex Scandal

In this week’s Indie Ink Challenge I was challenged by Flaming Nix and I challenged Sunshine (whose Jersey post made me smile).

Indie Ink #3

I understand sex as being a service. I work hard. I expect it to be available to me when, where and how I want it. I don’t have time for seduction or romance or pleasantries. Once you get to my position opportunities open up. My fixer understands my needs and my wants and knows how to keep her mouth shut. She should, I pay enough for her silence. She knows how to get what I like. I’ve even learned a thing or two to enhance the experience. A nod in the right direction then I disappear up to my regular suite. A knock on the door, no talking and down to business with whatever girl. If she does everything I expect or more and acts like she enjoys it then I’ll tip her big.  I’m Thomas S Keynes and I’m running for President in 2020.

I understand sex as being a tool in my line of business. Once the job was ordered the planning began. They needed to understand it was going to be a slow set up. If you want to take someone down and make it look like a total train wreck then it has to be set in motion the right way. I had to organize further surveillance to make sure we knew what we were dealing with and that the honey trap was the best way to proceed. After the surveillance on Keynes, we had to run background checks on everyone involved in his inner circle to find the weak spot. This was a tough one. He pretty much had everyone nailed down at the club/hotel. It was like his home turf. He had home court advantage. What he didn’t have completely nailed down were the girls. If I had one hindsight recommendation for Keynes it would be this: either get a mistress or stick to a couple of very discreet, very loyal professionals or don’t be a pervert. He liked them in their twenties and game and there lay the path to his downfall. Once you start mixing with the unprofessional ‘Reality’ wannabes thinking they should be famous, want their 15 minutes of fame, think they have a story that anybody cares about then you have a problem. I get to exploit that problem then stand back and watch your world implode.

I understand sex as being a way to bag someone famous and get famous myself. I’m not cheap, I don’t give it away and I never will. Once you get hooked up with the right clubs as long as you look the right way you can make it to the VIP area no problems then the fun begins but it is hard work. Am I waiting to land a whale? You bet, baby, we all are. Am I waiting to make it big? You bet. I saw that article in Star Magazine about that basketball player’s wife. She met him here at the club and now look where she is. He bought a house out in Beverly Hills and now she’s on that Sports Wives TV show. She calls herself a model now. I’ve been waiting to bag a sports guy but my current gig is with some politician asshole. He thinks he’s hot (joke) but the money is good. I think my big break is just around the corner. I talked with some agent I met outside the club yesterday who said I’ve got a great shot at being on Big Brother but that with an ‘explosively hot and controversial’ sex tape (his words) he thinks I could score Celebrity Big Brother easy. I told him I could totally do that that if he knew how to get a camera in to Suite 1025 on Wednesday night. Goodbye, Club. Hello, Hollywood.

I understand sex as being lost. When I found out about Thomas I was devastated. It wasn’t just the infidelity. Somewhere in my mind I suppose I assumed that might happen at some point. I thought it would be with a staffer, someone discreet. What horrifies me every time I think about what was happening in that hotel suite with random girls (I can’t call them women, they seem to be college age at best) is that he did those things to another person and that it was consensual. I never knew he had such debauched proclivities. Yes, I’ve seen the now infamous sex tape. Someone from the press gleefully mailed it to me then called for my reaction. Thomas’s spin machine expected me to stand by him. I refused. I couldn’t look at him let alone be in the same room with him after I saw the video footage. He’s gone in to hiding. I’ve gone in to hiding elsewhere. What I understand about anything at the moment is submerged. My life feels as if it is underwater with no gasp of air in sight.

The prompt (probably obvious by now) was ‘I understand sex as being’. At first I thought about writing an essay but who cares what I understand. Then with all the sex scandal fodder in the press – Strauss-Kahn, Tiger Woods, Spitzer, tweeting Weiner etc. I thought I’d delve in to what they (and those involved with them) maybe understand sex as being. I had to use a politician since they are my ‘unfavoritest’ people in the world 😉

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13 Responses to Dirty Sex Scandal

  1. ADL says:

    My unfavoritest also. Thanks for the glimpse into the hypocrites, all of them.

  2. I didn’t know you had it in you!!

  3. I meant that in a good way 😉

  4. Carrie says:

    I really enjoyed this. It was a very interesting way to look at the prompt and to see all the sides.

    Great job

  5. Lance says:

    You found a way to provide commentary on hyporcisy and be entertaining.

    I like this lot. You slayed the prompt. It was really well done. Glad I found your blog.

  6. jaszminedt says:

    Wow! This is incredible. In fact, you killed it! Just awesome 🙂

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  8. pippajay says:

    Liz, you surprise me! In a good way! I think your writing is way more flexible than mine – I’d’ve run a mile from that prompt. 😛

  9. amanda says:

    Wow, great take on this prompt. I like that you didn’t just take the obvious way out.

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  12. Billy Flynn says:

    The changing pov was brilliant! Each paragraph was like another small gem of a story, linked but separate from the main story. Each pov gave up another piece ofthe puzzle until the picture was complete, great post!

  13. You did such an amazing job with this prompt. The points of view from each of the different people made perfect vehicles for subject. Wonderfully done!

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