Who is Behind Me?

Who is behind me
Who follows my lead
We’ll conquer together
An end to their greed

The prompt ‘Who is behind me’ is an orphan prompt from the Indie Ink Challenge.

I would have liked to have expanded this more – and maybe will separately – but there’s too much poetry to be written for my course at the moment so I left it short with, I hope, a decent rhythm (don’t ask me what the meter is – I think it has two feet (but maybe it is 3 if there are 5 syllables) except for line three which is 6 syllables and 3 feet) and some rhyme.

1 thought on “Who is Behind Me?”

  1. I love the rhythm of this (I think it has something of a drumroll beat to it) -I’m a stickler for rhythm so I love to see it used well. My only problem is with the lines (run together as a statement) which proclaim “we’ll conquer together an end to their greed”. You want to conquer the end of their greed??? I’d think you’d want to endorse the end of their greed!

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