Lasting the Course

My writing focus is completely on the OU coursework for the next six weeks until the 31 May when the final assignment is due.

The past few months have been pretty much focused on coursework – fighting my way through the poetry module, then life writing (which is more difficult than it appeared) now on to the final two assignments.

I am wondering if the close deadlines between TMA04, TMA05 and the final EMA are a way to get us used to close deadlines and being able to churn out decent work in shorter time spans.


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1 Response to Lasting the Course

  1. Hayley says:

    I hadn’t thought about the deadlines that way but that’s an interesting theory and I think you’re right. Deadlines are good for me as, no matter how stressed I get, it’s almost like I’m programmed *not* to miss them. I’m just a little concerned as to how I’ll keep up the momentum once this course is over – I don’t want to go back to never finishing anything again…

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