Two Things

So I experienced two things today – one was finishing the book I have to read for my university course. The book is called Oroonoko by Aphra Behn and is one of the first novels written. It was written by a woman in the 1600s and is about an African prince who becomes enslaved by the English. It starts off as a tale about the Prince being in love with Imoinda, a beautiful young woman. Imoinda also catches the eye of the King (Oroonoko’s grandfather) and is brought into the King’s court to become his newest ‘wife’.

This was kind of an interesting read and reminded me of all the other love triangle tales of this time and before. But (isn’t there always) the story takes a turn and Oroonoko ends up being enslaved and taken to England. Behn then sort of whips the story around about her adventure to India with Oroonoko (who obviously fascinated her) and this goes on until we finally get back on track with the love story and its tragic end.

It seemed all over the place and I found it hard going. I hope when we go through the workbook and tutorial something is said about the narrative jumping around to the India adventure. She did say in the book she wanted to show Oroonoko’s character but she had already painted him as this honorable, intelligent, regal prince. I didn’t really need to know about the whole India adventure and him killing tigers.

The second thing that happened today was watching more episodes of Catfish. I didn’t think I would be so sucked in by it and although some of the episodes are pretty same-y (how many times are we going to see someone being catfished by their own gender – seems very common), I am completely hooked 😉

It is heartening to see the people who have been conned acting so rationally toward the ‘fisher. I thought for sure one young woman was going to be vile but she turned out to be okay. Considering how hurtful and shocking it must be to be conned this way, people have reacted very magnanimously – is it because there are cameras there so they don’t show their true reactions or are people really able to rise above all the hurt and crazy just heaped onto them. I wonder how I would feel (and I hope I never have to find out!)

The ‘fishers usually seem to be hiding their true selves for whatever reason – trying to make a connection, trying to be someone else because they don’t feel comfortable with their own looks, trying to escape their lives.

I enjoyed Catfish over Oroonoko. Both of these aren’t helping me finish my first assignment due on the 7th about the Duchess of Malfi.

Is it all tragedy at the moment?

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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1 Response to Two Things

  1. Karin says:

    Those are BIG 2 things. Great job.

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