Monday Morning Murder

Monday morning, the sun rose, the world turned, and my dog brought me a fleshy human hand from the creek. I contemplated it for a minute then looked toward the direction of the creek. Sun glinted like dancing diamonds through the leaves of the trees. The cicadas weren’t humming yet but the day would be… Continue reading Monday Morning Murder

Who is Behind Me?

Who is behind me Who follows my lead We’ll conquer together An end to their greed The prompt 'Who is behind me' is an orphan prompt from the Indie Ink Challenge. I would have liked to have expanded this more - and maybe will separately - but there's too much poetry to be written for… Continue reading Who is Behind Me?

A Rose that Grew from a Crack in the Concrete

My Indie Ink challenger this week was Shiv with 'a rose that grew from a crack in the concrete' and I challenged Chaos Mandy I watched the blood seep along the pavement. The dark red thickness of it flowed through my hand as I lay there. It was losing color, turning black. Everything around me… Continue reading A Rose that Grew from a Crack in the Concrete

Haiku – Indie Ink #2

My Indie Ink writing challenge this week was from Bewildered Bug and I challenged Jen O. I decided to do something I've never attempted before - Haiku. I based it on Haiku in English which can be up to 17 syllables. I learned that Haiku shouldn't 'tell all' and also not reveal everything about its subject. I… Continue reading Haiku – Indie Ink #2