Transmedia Influences

As my interest in understanding how different people are creating different transmedia bodies of work, I stumbled on Kris Straub's Local58 series of 'nostalgia horror'. I've also watched a few others in the nostalgia horror genre but Local58 has stuck with me. The sense of dread from elements in the videos that scare me in… Continue reading Transmedia Influences


Ahuvati – Short Story Format

He was alone in the churning surf. A ship stacked with multi-coloured containers drifted on the horizon further out in the Mediterranean. He caught a wave and cruised on it as far as it would take him before being dumped off the board into the water. This was his freedom, his place to submerge and… Continue reading Ahuvati – Short Story Format

8 Seconds

Eight seconds, that’s all it would take, then he’d be done for the day. Wade hung his head over the small stainless steel sink and tried to breathe. He’d be up soon, out there in the ring again for the first time since the accident. Nerves clenched his gut. He heaved but only water came… Continue reading 8 Seconds


Generally my story ideas come from all the traditional places: what I've read, TV, movies, newspaper/magazine articles, a face or action from someone that I've glimpsed. Recently I've been trying to organize my brain into how I'm going to prepare for what I'm writing. I'm generally a pantser but I know from doing NaNoWriMo that… Continue reading Inspiration