Horse Riding


So, I was on my usual horse today. I wasn’t dreading it as much as I thought I was and the lesson went okay after a shaky start. It was 9am – first lesson of the day, first lesson for the horse as well and she takes a bit to get going.

I felt better cantering today on her than I have over the past couple of months. My brain shut down in September and I had a really difficult time with even cantering in a controlled way. It felt so dispiriting because back in July I started to jump and did it at a canter so to lose all of that progress killed me.

Keeping my heels down is what I need to really work on. I did do my pilates exercise for riding when I came home to stretch my legs. I know I need to work on lengthening my calf/thigh muscles so my weight falls into my heels better.


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